Neet PG is extremely competitive exam need a comprehensive analysis of most 19 subjects. For medical post graduation preparation student gives hundred percentages but they do not clear the Neet examination. Then what is necessary for student to crack Nee examination? If you want answers then you are on correct page, here you will get all answer related to your problem. NBE conducts neet pg exam and it has negative marking exam after 2018 by NEET.


NEET PG preparation is national level exam needs systematic preparation to crack the exam. Syllabus depends on the UG standard of Medical council of India.For Neet PG needs more confidence and practice. For neet pg preparation, student should focus on many subjects both theoretical and practical knowledge of each subject.

However, Question comes from Neet pg exam syllabus issued by NBE. Pathology, Medicine, PSM, Pharmacology and Shorter subjects are important topics for exam. Students should focus on these subjects and pay extra focus on these subjects.

These subjects cover more weightage and allow candidate to score good marks. Student should have good and depth knowledge in undergraduate level. Student should always focus on revision more and more of subject which is relevant to the examination.

Students should not have any doubt about the syllabus. Divide the syllabus, and focus on it. Daily analyses of subject will make you confidence. Solve sample paper, it will help to understand subjects better. Some of tips and important section, students should focus during and before examination.

Khushavi Smile Academy help aspirants to avoid losing negative marks in Neet PG exam. Students who has fear of losing negative marks in Neet PG exam, here you will be supported to score good marks in Neet pg. For clearing the exam, students should attempt questions between 270-280.

Set a goal

First thing, you set a goal and write on paper and paste on your wall. It will boost your confidence when you will see.

  • Describe your study plan and define strategy

After completion of your set a goal, then understand what is syllabus of Neet pg examination. Based on the syllabus plan your strategy, count your number of days you have for neet pg preparation strategy (make your daily, monthly, hourly strategy).

Spilt the number of hours to your topics. Make effective time management is important for preparation of pg net examination.

  • Focus on Group Discussion

Group discussion will be best for student who is preparing for neet pg preparation. Because of group discussion, student aware of their weakness.

  • Clear your doubts

Make a list of doubts by the help of teacher, you clear your doubt, and always practice your doubtful section.

  • Revision

Revision of concepts will boost your confidence

neet pg preparation online and if you revise more and more, you will good at your subjects and more knowledge you will get. During revision marks your difficult section, where you find difficulties. And focus on that area.

Take some break after completion of Revision. It will make your interest toward subject.

  • Give Treat yourself

Set some small-small goal, and after completion of it always reward yourself. This will help you in completion of big goal.

  • Always Judge and Rate yourself

After revision always judge often yourself and rate based on knowledge. Student usually doesn’t judge and rate himself, because of lacks of time. If you won’t judge and rate himself, you will never get to know in which section you are weak. Based on your judgement you change your strategy from time to time.

  • Take some gap

Break is also mandatory after some time, it will not make you dull and it will make your study productive.


Following are some tips for students who are attempting neet pg exam.

  • Carefully read questions and all given answers

For NEET exam, students should carefully read questions and all answers. Student should read all answer more than 2 times, before answer any question.

  • Answer simple answer

If you find any complex question, then stuck in that complex question and answer simple questions. So, do not attempt questions in order. If you will invest your time in difficult, you will miss simple questions.

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