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Registration is open for new batch 2021 NEET MDS.

Welcome to GURUSHIKSHAALAY Excellence MDS…
We are happy to share this with you all that Gurushikshaalay Excellence MDS has been awarded the best MDS Online coaching for MDS entrance exam in Bangalore. Recently, Gurushikshaalay has been felicitated by Indian Constitution Club, RASHTRIYA SHIKSHA RATNA AWARD.

We want you to read each and every line before you choose Gurushikshaalay.

Future belongs to those who believe in dreams… as the tagline is dream dekhna toh basic hai

To produce output of ‘excellence, persistence, perseverance, performances and guidance from the mentors are the objectives. In gurushikshaalay ‘excellence’ is the key word.

Basically, Gurushikshaalay is an online whatsapp discussion groups for neet mds registered under *MINISTRY of Corporate Affairs. *

If you are interested to join gems six groups for systematic preparation for next mds 2020-21 start pinging and register yourself.

Be the part of the online coaching and Whatsapp discussion groups.

Benefits of several groups for our students.

  1. Gems plus – this is exclusive for the mentors no students are allowed to post anything here, only we will give you the explanatory things here, our voice notes, important facts, notes and all.
  2. Gems interaction group– we will ask you questions in this group while having the discussion, also, when you will have any doubt you can discuss here in this group.
  3. Gems rapid fire– on weekdays, we will have some rapid fire of questions here, we will ask and you will answer.
  4. Daily dose by mentors– you will be given some important facts here , some one liner, some imp. Mcqs
  5. Image based– you will be given images based questions in this group.
  6. Gems mcq group– this is very important goup, all mcqs with answer posted together so that end of the year you will have 40k plus mcqs from standard textbooks.

Free demo classes Whatsapp discussion on daily basis, with notes.

Also, once you will get yourself register, you will be able to give our weekly test on a particular subject. And after every 4 subjects, we put a grand test also.

Daily massive systematic preparation NEET MDS.
Detailed audio and hand written notes on every subject for NEET MDS.
Daily discussion on the subjects online.
All the important PDFs of notes and questions for the preparation.
Online test series, for every subject + major test after completion of every 3 subjects.
NEET based mock tests online.
Personalised guidance to every student.

As we know the module of nbe has shifted more towards medical so on daily basis discussion of medical and dental subjects is very important and we stress on this point.

Personalised guidance which is very important for any competitive exam is provided in Gurushikshaalay.

What makes GEMS special?